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“When I started practicing yoga at Serenity a Yoga and Wellness Studio, I never thought that it would have such a profound impact on my life. I immediately felt a sense of welcoming comfort and support from the talented instructors and other yogis in the class. Everyone was friendly and willing to offer assistance which allowed me to feel comfortable asking questions. Serenity’s owner, Tracy, is one of the most dedicated and talented instructors I know and her passion for the practice shines throughout the studio.

Serenity and all of the instructors have helped me get through some of the best and worst times-including all of the stress that has come with the recent pandemic. Serenity did not skip a beat and immediately started offering online classes which have been such a blessing!

Thanks to Serenity and its team, not only can I hold poses I never thought possible, but I have an increased sense of inner peace and strength and feel more complete as a person! I don’t know where I would be without Serenity and I cannot say thank you enough! What a true blessing it is to be part of the Serenity family!” - Lauren S.

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